The academic year starts on October 1. The master program runs for 4 semesters (2 academic years). The first 3 semesters have classes, labs, and project work. The last semester is dedicated to the preparation of the dissertation project. Classes are scheduled for the evening, from 17:00 to 21:00, such that students can have a job in the meantime. Classes are run on the university’s premises. Because this master program requires access to various hardware technologies, it cannot be organized in an online format.

The admission exam consists of an interview with the Admission Board, usually face-to-face. This is scheduled in July and in September. The dates for admission are shown on the web page of the faculty here. If the information is not translated into English, and if you are not a Romanian language speaker, please call +40-264-401611 to ask for support or write a message to the contact email from this website.

Candidate registration is done online / onsite. The online registration procedure is displayed on the website of the university. International students must contact the International Relations Office for more information.

For 2023 we organize admissions in July and in September. Students must prepare in advance a file with specific documents. For international students please also consult this brochure.

The documents required to register for the admission exam are:

  • Documents completed electronically:
  • 1. Enrollment application – completed online. Based on it, the registration form will be generated, in the electronic file of the candidate.
  • Documents scanned in electronic format:
  • 1. Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or graduation certificate (only for graduation from the current year).
  • 2. Diploma supplement for previous promotions.
  • 3. Declaration on own responsibility regarding the number of years in which the candidate has benefited from the budget allowance for master’s studies in Romania (download from the platform).
  • 4. Birth certificate.
  • 5. Identity card.
  • 6. Marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • 7. Proof of payment of the registration fee (receipt or payment order) or supporting documents regarding the exemption from the fee.
  • 8. Medical certificate, issued by the family doctor or the territorial dispensary or by enterprise, as the case may be, to which they belong. Candidates with chronic conditions will present a medical certificate addressed by the county medical commissions for school and professional guidance, in which it will be mentioned in the manner express the degree of deficiencies, their location, according to the medical criteria of school guidance and professional. Failure to declare these conditions may attract consequences in force. The validity of the medical certificate is three months from the date of issuance according to the legislation in force.
  • 9. If applicable, documents proving the financing of the studies from the graduated university.
  • 10. Certificate of English Language Proficiency.

In the case of candidates presenting identity documents, studies, and medical certificates issued outside Romania, it is necessary to supplement the file with an authorized translation of them in Romanian, English, or French.

The tuition fee:

  • For Romanian citizens, there are allocated 20 study grants by the state.
  • For Romanian citizens that are in a position not accessing the grant, the annual fee is 3900 RON/year (about 780 €/year). This fee has a discount of 10% if it is paid once, at the beginning of the study program. The fee can also be paid at three equal rates, usually in October, January, and April of the respective academic year.
  • EU citizens pay the annual fee of 3900 RON/year (about 780 €/year).
  • Non-EU citizens pay the annual fee of 270 €/month (paid once for the first 9 months: 2430 €, and the remaining fee in rates, according to a schedule announced by the university each year). A 70 € is also required at the admission for the analysis of the application file.